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1. Perlico
Ireland s alternative supplier of Telephone and Broadband and related services to consumer and business customers delivering service value a...
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2. Webley
Focused on developing technologies that provide certainty convenience and clarity by simplifying and unifying the commun...
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3. Cellular Specialties Inc.
Voice and data technologies such as 3G VOIP CDMA GSM iDEN WiFi WLAN and RFID can be seamlessly installed to provide complete coverage in virtuall...
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4. TSR - Telecom Expense Management Solutions
TSR s patented TEM approach simplifies centralizes and reduces spending for wired/wireless telecom a...
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5. Bravura Technologies
Provides mobile enterprise solutions that connect you with your customers through their mobile device...
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6. UK Freephone
UK based company offering 0871 0845 0800 non geographical numbers and Carrier Pre-Selection services. Also offers dynamic...
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7. GSMA Mobile Asia Congress
The GSMA Mobile Asia Congress (formerly 3GSM Congress Asia) is the convention for mobile technology profes...
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8. Southern Business Communications
Business Communications have been providing quality telecommunications for 16 years and are one of the largest independent suppliers of communication equipment and services in the Sou...
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9. Ezwim - Telecom Expense Management
Total telecom (expense) management solutions for multinational enterprises. Reduce telecom...
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10. Across Communications
Programming consultants offering web-based platform and infrastructure for delivering messages from any computer connected to the Internet t...
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11. 08 Direct
UK based privately owned Telecoms Company offering non-geographical numbers. Supply a wide range of numbers e.g. 0844 0...
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12. Low T1 DS3 Rates
Low T1 rates brokers T1 DS3 (T3) DSL and OC3+ services. We find the right service providers for you assess your requirements and negotiate the lowest price....
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