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1. Cheap International Calls - Phoenix Telco
UK based telephone call provider offers cheap international phone calls to the USA South America Africa Australi...
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Automated billing services that help you turn the telephone into a lucrative revenue stream including: 800 and 900 pay per call numbers billing and...
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3. BestCallack.Net - Callback Service - 800 Toll Free
Provides international callback service for inexpensive international long distance calls and also offers international toll free number forwarding services for...
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4. Local Phone Service 1
A residential local phone service provider in the US. See the features of home phone service packages by MCI Z-Tel and Tal...
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Combines real-time T1 quoting technology and unbiased friendly consultants in order to bring you a seamless bandwidth s...
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6. Safecall Business Phone Systems
Offers a variety of telephone solutions ideal for small businesses to large corporations. From Panasonic to NEC telephone systems and many more SafeCall can help with your busines...
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7. My Phone Service Phone Service Rates
Site listing phone service providers for broadband local phone cellular plans and long di...
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8. Locus Long Distance from Locus Telecommunications
Offers an innovative low-cost pay-as-you-go solution to high long distance bills with low US and international call rates no...
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9. Encoded Ltd
UK Providers of interactive voice response systems and IVR sol...
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10. Cellular Solutions
A comprehensive business communications service which offers bespoke voice and data solutions to allow companies to minimize costs and raise...
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11. Telinet - Telephone Systems and Network Services P
A complete solution for Voice and Data from installation of ISDN2 and ISDN30 to the installation of aastra Avaya an...
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12. Calling Bargains
Large selection of low cost calling services for domestic and internation...
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13. Long Distance World Free Cell Phones
Compare free cell phone offers from top national providers such as Cingular and T-Mo...
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